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The Bomb Squad and Team Spartan traveled to Op-Tac The Kingdom for another day of airsoft.

Bomb Up Airsoft would like to take this opportunity to thank Rob for allowing us to record our next set of videos whilst on site, also his marshaling team was fantastic. Thanks again for an awesome day.

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Sunday, 7 April 2019 14:07:00 Europe/London By Bomb Squad News,
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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 11:00:00 Europe/London By Bomb Squad airsoft guns, airsoft products, airsoft retailer, airsoft shop, asg, vfc, clawgear, arthurian, News,
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Wednesday, 17 January 2018 15:11:38 Europe/London By Bomb Up Airsoft airsoft, airsoft blog, airsoft uk, airsoft info, airsoft near me, News,

Another cold day in the office today as we plan and prepare for tonights Time Trial Pistol Club as well as our next event at The Prey Ground! 

We have had a few smaller deliveries of optics and holsters from another smaller supplier to see how they are in person, these will be on the website soon. We are also expecting a few more bits and bobs to come in today however realistically, it will be tomorrow or Thursday by the time they will be in. Fingers crossed. 

I have been busy all morning designing new graphics for social media and planning a few changes to how we display content on the website, hopefully, it will make surfing the frontend a little easier. 

Well, fresh brew in hand lets beat the cold and get some work done!

- Gavin, signing out! 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 14:26:00 Europe/London By Gavin Campbell News,

A fresh start to our blog is underway, as you can probably see, so sit back and relax.

To begin, we are working hard on the development of our website and online presence to help further our reaches to lands far and wide. Here at Bomb Up Airsoft & TTPC LTD, we strive to be the best and provide an excellent service to all. We want to branch out and reach people all over the UK and what better way than to keep you all updated on whats new on our end! 

It is a rather fresh start to the day with snow on the ground and frost causing some difficulties on the road but the team are safely in the office, huddling around the heater to keep warm. Brews at hand, we have started the day by working on orders both in-store and online. As we get fired up, we move on to social media and replying to the plentiful amount of emails, messages and comments all over the show. 

A few small deliveries have come in, like gun bags and scopes from a company we have not used much in the past as a sort of trial. The quality is excellent and is for sale at a very reasonable price so let's see what our customers think over the next week or so. 

Matt is currently working on a little project for The Prey Ground, a site we run in collaboration with Owls Hoot Target Club. Without giving too much away, the project is set to BOOM at our next event on Sunday 17th December. 

Anyway, the blog will slowly come together over the next few weeks with a number of posts being uploaded every week. Keep your eyes peeled!

- Gavin, signing out! 

Monday, 11 December 2017 14:26:24 Europe/London By Gavin Campbell News,


In addition to a daily update to our blog, every Monday we will be providing a weekly update to overview the previous and upcoming week. 

Last week, the team worked hard on a few little projects for the festive period including an in-store exclusive mystery box raffle and tweaks to the Time Trial Pistol Club Monthly Leaderboard prizes. Our mystery box has been very popular already with a large number of tickets selling out already, what else would you expect if you had the option to win £400 worth of airsoft gear with a single £10 ticket! TTPC has also been popular, especially with the introduction of a 2nd place and 3rd place prize for our monthly leaderboard. More reason to pop down and shoot!

We are feeling very festive with Christmas songs playing out loud, our BUA Christmas tree up and Barry looking rather dapper in his red suit. 

This upcoming week, we are planning the site game at The Prey Ground and expecting a fair few orders to come in, keeping the shelves stocked up! But you never know what else may happen, stick around to find out. 

- Gavin, signing out! 

Monday, 11 December 2017 14:26:24 Europe/London By Gavin Campbell News,