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WE MP5 Apache K PDW Gas

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Quick Overview

System - Gas Blowback

Power - 340fps (approx on 0.20g BB's)

Mag Capacity - 20 Rounds

Length - 630mm

Weight - 2.6 Kilos

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WE MP5 Apache K PDW Gas Airsoft SMG

Heckler & Koch, encouraged by the success of the G3 automatic rifle, developed a family of small arms consisting of four types of firearms all based on a common G3 design layout and operating principle. The first type was chambered for 7.62 51mm NATO, the second for the 7.62 39mm M43 round, the third for the intermediate 5.56 45mm NATO caliber, and the fourth type for the 9 19mm Parabellum pistol cartridge. The MP5 was created within the fourth group of firearms and was initially known as the HK54.

Work on the MP5 began in 1964 and two years later it was adopted by the German Federal Police, border guard and army special forces.

In 1980, the MP5 achieved iconic status as a result of its use on live television by SAS commandos in Operation Nimrod, where they stormed the Iranian Embassy in London, rescuing hostages and killing five terrorists. The MP5 became a mainstay of SWAT units of law enforcement agencies in the United States since then. However, in the late 1990s, as a result of the North Hollywood shootout, police special response teams have supplanted some MP5s with AR-15-based assault rifles.

Anyway, as exciting as the history of the MP5, what's more exciting to us is the Airsoft MP5 GBB by WE Airsoft. This is just one verison of the MP5 known as the WE Airsoft Apache MP5 K PDW. It has a great realistic feel, beautiful blowback and a sound to match!

In the Box:

1 x WE MP5 Apache K PDW Gas Airsoft SMG
1 x WE MP5 Apache K PDW Gas Airsoft Magazine
1 x WE MP5 Apache K PDW Manual

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