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Quick Overview

System - AEG

Power - 315fps (approx on 0.2g BBs)

Mag Capacity - 470 Rounds

Length - 1195mm

Weight - 4.5Kg


The G&G GR14 is a truly epic replica of the famous M14 EBR. The real steel creation of the Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR began in 2000 after a request by United States Navy SEALs for a more compact M14 battle rifle. United States Navy SEALs were the first forces to be armed with the EBR in 2004, followed by the U.S. Coast Guard and after that the U.S. Army.

So what can you expect from the airsoft version? For starters the gun looks fantastic. It’s big, imposing and doesn’t really look anything like its originator except for the magazine, outer barrel and gas cylinder. All of these metal components have been supremely well manufactured and finished with a very dark matt finish. The integrated rail section has space for attachments on the bottom, sides and top and it also features a polymer handguard which has to be removed to store the battery. Whilst many other companies use heavier & weaker metal in their manufacturing process, G&G’s GR14 RIS rail has been fabricated from aluminium which is much stronger and lighter than any other M14 replica.

The GR14’s receiver is metal and is finished to the same high standard as the rest of the gun. Another boon is that is has licensed trademarks from Sage, great for those who like added realism. The fire selector, mag release and the safety are all ambidextrous designs which adds to the universal appeal of this AEG. The bolt release produces one of the greatest clanks in airsoft history, the noise is so nice you just can’t help but to slap it into action at every possible opportunity.

The stock can be adjusted to suit most users. It can be slid out and locked into place and the cheek riser is also fully adjustable. There is also a rubberised section on the butt to improve user comfort.

Firing this gun is a treat. The version 7 gearbox cycles fluidly and the controls are easy to operate. The range and accuracy is excellent and the gun can easily suit the roles of a main battle rifle or a designated marksman rifle, just add a bipod, scope and possibly a suppressor and this really does look the part. The GR14 by G&G really is an excellent weapon. Not only does it possess an intimidating presence, its powerhouse performance is guaranteed to impress the user.

  • DMR Ready
  • Locked To Semi-Auto
  • Full Metal Construction

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